Draught Beer System: Simple Guidelines on Effective Cleaning

The draught beer system is an ideal choice for installation in a bar or even restaurant setting. This beer is served from a keg or even traditional casks, so handling is easier compared to using individual bottles or cans. In addition, this type of beverage has a unique, smoother taste that is favoured by many people. Unfortunately, a draught beer system requires significant maintenance to promote proper performance of the equipment and preserve the taste of the beer. One of these critical tasks is cleaning the various components in the machinery. This will prevent growth of microorganisms in the food system and limit the risk of accelerated spoilage of the beer. Here are simple guidelines to help you get started on cleaning your newly installed draught beer system.

Choose Ideal Cleaning Agents

You should be diligent when selecting the cleaning agent for draught beer system. If the cleaning agent does not remove the accumulated beer on the surfaces, the layer will build up and provide a perfect setting for the development of detrimental microbes. Ideally, you should use a specialised beer system cleaner with a caustic agent like sodium hydroxide. This type of chemical dissolves most materials from the equipment, including grease and even protein-based deposits. If the agent has surfactants, it will prevent the accelerated re-deposition of the materials in the machinery. Occasionally, you should use an acid-based cleaning agent. This will prevent staining of the draught beer components.

Disassemble before Cleaning

You should check the individual components of the beer system during cleaning practices. Ideally, disassembly is the most convenient way to perform thorough cleansing of the beer system. This can be difficult but it will also allow you to gauge the condition of your machinery. Check the taps and ensure that the elements are visibly clean. Clear out debris and fluids from the drip tray and drainage area. You should also un-tap the keg and inspect the couplers for any filth like yeast deposit. Wash these thoroughly before assembly and usage. Additionally, always keep the cooler room clean and dust the refrigeration components.

Use Suitable Equipment for Line Cleaning

The beer lines can accumulate significant amounts of filth if proper cleaning is not performed. Unfortunately, you cannot gain direct access to the internal surfaces of the piping. Therefore, you should choose equipment that will facilitate thorough cleaning in spite of this limitation. You can choose portable or even stationary pressurized washing apparatus. Either way, a motorised pump will allow you to recirculate cleaning solutions in the lines for optimal results.

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