How to Choose Dinnerware for Your Home

You may be undecided about the most appropriate ceramic dinnerware that you should buy for your home. This article discusses some of the considerations that you should base upon when choosing between bone china, stoneware and porcelain.

What They Are

Porcelain dinnerware refers to ceramic dinnerware that is made from kaolin clay. This clay is usually translucent and nonporous. Porcelain dinnerware is very light when compared to other kinds of ceramic dinnerware. The clay gives this dinnerware its distinctive white colour.

Bone china refers to ceramic dinnerware that is made from a mixture of clay and bone ash. The percentage of bone ash varies from one manufacturer to another. Bone china is usually white or off white. Dinnerware from this material usually has thin walls that make it look delicate.

Stoneware refers to ceramic dinnerware that is opaque and porous. Stoneware is usually heavier than bone china and porcelain. This weight makes it relatively harder and more durable than other ceramic dinnerware.

The Cost

Your budget may limit you to one type of dinnerware when you compare the prices of the different types available. Bone china is normally the most expensive type of ceramic dinnerware. Porcelain dinnerware is usually next on the list of expensive ceramic dinnerware, while stoneware is usually the most affordable. However, the prices may vary depending on the pattern and finishing of the specific dinnerware that you select. For instance, precious metal-rimmed porcelain dinnerware may be as expensive as plain bone china.

Colour Options

Your choice of ceramic dinnerware may also be influenced by your colour preferences. While any of these options can have colorful patterns, porcelain is typically only available in a white base, bone china is typically available in either a white or off white base, and stoneware is available in a variety of colours as the base.

The Intended Purpose

You should be mindful about what purposes you would like the dinnerware to serve as you make a buying decision. For instance, bone china may not be a good choice if you wish to buy dinnerware that can also be used to keep food in a freezer. However, stoneware can be used to keep food in a freezer. Similarly, you should avoid using bone china to warm food in a microwave if that bone china was decorated using a precious metal, such as gold.

As you can see, several factors should be considered before you choose dinnerware. Talk to a ceramic dinnerware supplier for additional help in choosing the best dinnerware for your home.