How to Make Your Building Greener

If you own a commercial building, you might be looking for ways to make it greener. This helps the environment while also reducing your energy and water bills each month. There are a variety of building services and upgrades that can make your commercial building more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

Improve the Insulation

The first business service to get when you want your building to be greener is to improve the insulation. This ensures the building remains a comfortable temperature inside so that you aren't using the heater or air conditioner more than necessary. Without good insulation, you might end up losing a lot of heat in the winter, which means the heater is turned on for longer periods of time and works harder to keep the building warm, which in turn causes the energy bill to spike. Speak to a building consultant to decide how to better insulate the building.

Use Sustainable Materials

When remodeling the commercial building, you have even more opportunities for making the building greener. A good option is to choose sustainable or recycled materials in the remodeling construction. Speak to the contractor to discuss using certain types of materials, such as flooring materials that are more eco-friendly, or using glass that has been recycled when putting in new windows. These small choices make a drastic difference in how earth-friendly your building is.

Reduce Water Usage

Having a green building isn't just about energy usage, but also about how much water is being used. You can start by having low-flow plumbing systems, including a low-flow toilet and sink faucets. If your building has a shower, that can also get a low-flow faucet. This helps to control how much water is being used and prevents using more water than necessary. Another good option is to install aerators on all of the faucets to further practice water consumption.

Get New Energy-Efficient Appliances

Certain areas of your building might contain appliances, such as a laundry room with washers and dryers, or kitchen appliances in the break room. For appliances, try to replace your current appliances with more energy-efficient ones. There are many new appliances that use less energy while being used, including refrigerators, cooking appliances, washers and dryers, and even small countertop appliances like microwaves.

Speak to a building consultant from a company like Jeffrey Hills and Associates to find out other ways you can make improvements to have a greener building that is friendlier to the environment.