5 Tips to Make Your Natural Perfumes Last Longer

Natural perfumes are a great alternative to synthetic fragrances that contain chemicals and other artificial additives. Besides making you smell great, natural scents that contain essential oils help with relaxing, lifting moods and improving your emotional wellbeing. However, one concern that many people have when trying out these perfumes is that they don't last long. Below are five measures you can take to make your natural perfumes last longer.

Get Deep Fragrances

Some fragrances tend to last longer than others as they have intense notes. For example, woody perfumes and oriental ones with warm and spicy notes tend to last longer than citrus and fresh fragrances. Thus, if you want something that will last long, consider going for the deeper notes as compared to the light ones.

Use a Non-Scented Moisturiser

Always use a non-scented moisturiser before wearing natural perfume. Dry skin doesn't hold the fragrance well, while a scented moisturiser can overpower the scent. By hydrating the skin, you allow the fragrance to adhere to your body. What's more, the moisturiser prevents the natural oils and sweat on your body from diluting the scent and reducing its intensity.

Layer Your Perfume

For natural scents to last longer, you may consider layering them to increase their intensity. Spray or roll on the product and wait for it to dry. Once it's dry, spray on a second layer and leave it to dry. You can spray twice or thrice to make the scent last longer. However, do not dab or rub the perfume as this will affect its adherence on the skin. Always leave it to air-dry before spraying on a second layer.

Spray Some on Your Scarf and Hair

During the winter, using perfume on your skin may not be effective as you are mostly covered up with layers of clothes. This affects the intensity of the scent. Instead, spray some of the product on your neck and scarf. You can also spritz a little on your hair as well. As usual, do not dap or pat your scarf or hair. Leave the perfume to dry for the best results.

Store Natural Perfumes Correctly

Incorrectly storing your fragrances can impact their scents and how long they last on the skin. Keep perfumes away from direct heat as it can damage them. Also, keep them away from areas of high humidity such as the bathroom. Instead, store them in a cool and dry place, preferably on your dresser. Always leave the lid on to keep out oxygen which can degrade the product.

You no longer have to worry about your natural perfumes wearing off within the first few hours of the day. Follow these tips to keep smelling fresh throughout the day. Contact a company like Margaret River Trading Co that sells natural perfume for more information.