Why Buffalo Turf Is Perfect For Your Business

Most businesses around Australia come with at least a little nature strip out the front that contains grass and perhaps a tree or two. Some have much more than this and are on a full acreage with a lot of grass that needs to be taken care of. Whichever option your business falls into, there is nothing more annoying than having to spend hours taking care of your lawn so it doesn't turn into a wasteland. That is why you should consider buffalo turf for your business's nature strips as it will make your life a lot easier and your facade a lot more attractive.

Grows In Almost All Conditions

If you are struggling to get the grass at the front of your business to grow, then you may simply have a type of grass that is incompatible with your space. Some grass only grows in full sunlight; others need a lot of clear dirt underneath, with no rocks or blockages. Luckily, buffalo turf has one of the lowest requirements for healthy growth of any type of plant. It can grow in virtually any space you put it in and it will grow vivaciously too, with strong stems and beautiful green colouration.

Resistance To Customers And Clients

Another reason so many nature strips out the front of businesses die out quickly is due to the fact that many clients and customers walk over it on a daily basis. Some types of grass, particularly those that are more aesthetically inclined (that is, made to look good), do not handle well under a lot of wear. You need a species of grass that will easily withstand hundreds of people walking over it in a short period of time, and buffalo turf fits that specification. 

Low Input

Perhaps the most important feature of buffalo turf is that you barely have to do anything to keep it growing strong. Since you have your business to take care of, the last thing you want is to be constantly running out the front (or back) of your business and watering the small nature strips and adding fertiliser or nutrients and then mowing it. Buffalo turf can grow on its own pretty happily once it is settled. The only thing you would need to watch out for is the occasional watering during the very height of summer when the rains stop coming. 

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