Removing Lichen From Paths And Driveways: Advice For Homeowners

When you've taken the trouble to lay a high-quality stone path or driveway, any kind of dirt or discolouration can quickly upset the aesthetics. You can easily wash or scrub away mud and dirt, but some problems are harder to deal with. If you have a problem with lichens on your paths and driveway, find out what you need to do. Understanding lichens Lichens are natural organisms that occur across Australia. [Read More]

There's What In Your Air Conditioner? Tips For Dealing With Creepies Seeking Warmth This Winter

As summer draws to a close, and winter draws steadily nearer, your house is being watched. It is being eyed up as a new home for those creatures who do not like the cold, and before long you could become aware of all sorts of creepy creatures hiding out within your air conditioning system. If this idea is enough to make you shudder, it is time to learn the tell-tale signs that your home has been invaded, so that you can make sure that your air conditioning unit is not exposed to expensive damage. [Read More]

An introduction to solar hot water systems for the home

Solar panels, while not exactly a common feature on houses, are becoming more and more commonplace. There are two major incentives for using solar power: you can use it to power your home and save on electricity bills; and it's a renewable energy source, which can help the environment. But solar power is not only limited to powering electricity in the home – it can also be used to directly heat your water supply. [Read More]

Good Air Equals A Healthy Body: Four Reasons Your Home Needs An Air Conditioner

The main reason you are considering installing air conditioning in your house right now is the opportunity to keep cool during the summer and warm during the winter with the push of just one button. You no doubt have already been given a long list of air conditioning benefits by your friends and family members, but you're still sitting on the fence trying to decide if you really need. it. Well, here is one more point to consider. [Read More]