How to Make Telecommuting Work for Your Company

Telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, and 44% of employed Australians access the internet for home-based work. Candidates will take also flexible work arrangements into consideration when deciding whether or not to work for your company. In fact, when it comes to negotiating job offers, flexible work is one of the most commonly requested benefits, other than higher pay and additional training opportunities. Yet, there are also challenges associated with remote work. [Read More]

How to Choose Dinnerware for Your Home

You may be undecided about the most appropriate ceramic dinnerware that you should buy for your home. This article discusses some of the considerations that you should base upon when choosing between bone china, stoneware and porcelain. What They Are Porcelain dinnerware refers to ceramic dinnerware that is made from kaolin clay. This clay is usually translucent and nonporous. Porcelain dinnerware is very light when compared to other kinds of ceramic dinnerware. [Read More]

Draught Beer System: Simple Guidelines on Effective Cleaning

The draught beer system is an ideal choice for installation in a bar or even restaurant setting. This beer is served from a keg or even traditional casks, so handling is easier compared to using individual bottles or cans. In addition, this type of beverage has a unique, smoother taste that is favoured by many people. Unfortunately, a draught beer system requires significant maintenance to promote proper performance of the equipment and preserve the taste of the beer. [Read More]